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Okay, so car roof tents are changing the camping game forever?

Okay, so car roof tents are changing the camping game forever?


If you're a fan of camping, then you'll know there's nothing quite like sleeping under the stars. However, you'll also know traditional camping can be a little bit tricky - often involving lugging around a lot of heavy gear and a lot of hassle setting everything up correctly. 

But what if there was an easier way? What if you could enjoy all the benefits of camping without any of the hassles?

Car roof tents are changing the game, and if you haven't been thinking about them already, here's why you need to start.

What are Car Roof Tents?


They're exactly what they sound like - tents attached to car roof racks. They are set up in minutes, and all you need is your car to get a comfortable camping experience.

Not only do car roof tents make it easier for travellers to explore the world with more convenience, but they also provide the perfect opportunity for adventure seekers looking to explore off the beaten path.

Some car roof tents even come with additional features, such as built-in mattresses and storage space, making it easier to pack light and have everything you need for a comfortable camping experience.

But car roof tents aren't just for camping - they can also be used for outdoor events or even for emergency shelter in case of natural disasters.

But wait...

How is a car roof tent better than a traditional tent?


Oh, in so many ways.

Picture this. 

You're camping in the great outdoors, and you've had a beautiful weekend away, but on the final night, it starts raining buckets. We're talking about the full-on type of rain that soaks the ground in seconds. Unprepared, you rush to collect all your things and bundle into your traditional tent, but it's too late.

The floor is drenched. There's a puddle in the entryway. Your shoes and clothes are dripping, and mud creeps in with every footstep and gust of wind. Morning comes, and everything is thoroughly soaked, muddy, dirty, and certainly not ready to put in the car.

Now imagine this the other way around.

You're car camping with a car roof tent several feet off the ground. You simply close the tent door and stay dry when it starts to pour. No mess, no fuss. No water creeping in, and unless mud has figured out a way to climb the sides of your car, there's no way it's getting in either.

On top of this, car roof tents are also great for those looking to travel light - traditional camping requires hauling around heavy gear and setting it up in a specific spot. With car roof tents, you have the convenience and mobility to go wherever your car can take you.

Park up. Put the tent up in minutes. Now you're ready to get on with the other activities.

You can even save money by having free outings with your car roof tent. Since you’re sleeping on the roof of your car, there’s no need to pay campsite or pitch fees. Just know wherever you park, that’s where you’re sleeping!

So, why not give car roof tents a try? They may just change the way you experience camping forever. 

To learn more, check out the latest addition of car roof tents, now available in the Monster Store!

Our pop-up car roof tent can be set up in minutes and is no doubt the easiest and comfiest way to camp and experience nature. Offering complete waterproof properties up to 3,000mm, and fully equipped with a solar light, a 5cm thick mattress that's comfier than your bed at home, and built-in roof storage, this is everything you could want in a tent and more.

Check it out today and get back outside in the best way possible.

Happy travels! :)